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lettres mag is currently 100% community supported.

back in december 2017, i decided to run a kickstarter to fund the printing production + overhead costs + launch event. it was an epic journey in not only raising over $7000 but fostering a community of believers in love, feeling and expression.

as i produce volume 2, i’m still running on those funds, the generosity of those backers and the hope that you share with me.

print is not dead, if we still believe in it and put our money behind it.

to support this venture, please consider buying a copy of the magazine, becoming a sponsor, servicing your expertise, and/or giving to the cause. all funds go towards printing production costs + growing the lettres mag community and expanding the dialogue around meaningful connection.

if you’d like to donate, payments are accepted via venmo (lettresmag), paypal (

(a membership style donation is in the works.)

thank you dearly.

sending light,