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dear you,

for volume 2 i’m looking for 2 things. love letters + dialogues. i’m working on refining the latter, but for now do help me with the former:

i’m collecting and looking for love letters from around the world created in any language that feels most natural to you.

a love letter (n): any work of communication that came out of love from one person to another person or thing.

languages are not just spoken and written. they are drawn, sung, created, learned. they are whatever form(s) you choose to communicate emotions with.

what have you received or read from someone that made you feel cared for, loved? what have you always wanted to tell someone you love?

some examples:

  • a handwritten letter you’ve received years ago that you haven’t forgotten

  • a letter correspondence between your grandparents you’ve saved for years.

  • a letter you choose to write today to someone you love

  • a photo or series of images

  • a poem

  • a card

  • a painting

  • a recipe

  • a song

  • something else!

submissions for LETTRES MAG volume 2 are OPEN and ongoing – if you have love letters or ideas, please email them to me at

sign up for letters and updates from me here.

un beso,
alles liebe,
with love,